Copper…the poor man’s gold!
May 2023

Copper deficiency is usually seen in late winter/early spring due to the levels in the pasture being the lowest in winter. Copper is good for the animal’s development of the nervous system, bone growth, and maintains the integrity of the immune systems. It also has a role in development of the skin pigmentation which if the levels are low, this can be a main sign in cattle.

COPACAPS contain copper oxide wire particles in gelatine capsules and are the safest and most effective form of copper supplementation for cattle. After oral dosing, the capsule dissolves, and releases small wire rods of oxidised copper which lodge in the folds of the abomasum. Its weight stops it from being regurgitated, and in the acidic environment of the abomasum the rods dissolve. Copper is then released into the bloodstream and stored in the liver. They are a very safe form of supplementation and give long term protection against deficiency.
Sizes – 10g, 20g, 30g, 36g

You should wait a couple of weeks after finishing Zinc treatments before going in with any copper products. Any animals that have facial eczema should NOT be treated for copper due to the risk of heavy metal poisoning. Speak to your vet today if you have any questions or concerns around supplementing with copper.