January Focus
January 2024


  • Pregnancy testing is getting underway. There’s still time to book in if you haven’t already done so. Remember the reliable ageing window is 40 – 90 days of pregnancy (otherwise we rely on AB dates and an element of guesswork), and empties can only be called six weeks after the bull has been taken out.
  • Clean & update your eartags & MINDA/CRV records - regardless of how you are pregnancy testing, knowing which cow is which is crucial!
  • Keep the cows cool – as the weather heats up, think of methods to minimise heat stress as much as possible, be it shade, fans or sprinklers. Minimising walking distances, especially at afternoon milking, can make a big difference. Consider changing milking times, or milking once a day, if this can be worked into your farm system.
  • Book the culls in ahead of time, to ensure you have one of the limited spaces at the works for yours.
  • Milk culture high cell count cows after herd test to make sure the bacteria present is not becoming resistant to the antibiotics you’re using, or that a new bug is appearing.
  • Fonterra have introduced a bulk milk zinc check to help see if your zinc supplementation is protective – let us know if you’d like to discuss the results.
  • Blaze pour-on can be useful for those of you struggling with nuisance flies, if your sprinkler isn’t cutting it.
  • Autumn calving dry off – plan the day and staffing, making sure you get those teat ends clean!


  • Book in their pregnancy testing
  • Keep in touch with your grazier and ensure the communication is working to over come any feed shortages this summer.
  • Plan your zinc bolus for them, remembering the highest counts are often at the end of the season.


  • Keep an eye on the spore counts, over 20,000 = time to bolus with Faceguard.
  • Keep up with the drenching for worms as they love the warm humid weather.