November Focus
October 2023


  • The BLOAT risk period continues, especially silage aftermath with clover present.
  • HEAT DETECTION – keep it up for a few more weeks and make the last ones count. Using some short gestation semen can help compact your calving spread at the end.
  • LAME cows – Lift the foot of EVERY lame cow and treat them early with pain relief and blocks. Talk to your vet if you or your staff would like some lameness training.
  • MASTITIS – Bring milk samples into your nearest clinic to check the cause and select the best treatments. Also consider samples for culture for those cows over 500,000 on herd test. Perform liner changes when they are due and arrange a milking management visit if you are getting unexplained spikes in BMSCC.
  • PROVIDE SHADE/COOLING – On hot days, the heat will impact cow performance – both production and conception rate. Heat mitigation is also an integral part of your Animal Wellbeing Plan for the Fonterra Cooperative Difference.
  • BULLS – Get them ready for the big day
  • BOOK A HOLIDAY – Taking time away from the farm after a busy calving and mating period is very important for mental health and wellbeing.


  • CHECK BULLS are all working and healthy still, to catch any returns/stragglers. Retire and replace any that are injured or lame.
  • FEED THEM WELL - so they grow AND stay pregnant. Make a plan now with your grazier in case feed is tight over the summer and autumn, so you don’t get caught out.


  • VACCINATIONS…Lepto, 5 in 1 / 10 in 1 boosters, and BVD for those going away grazing (let’s not forget their Salmonella vaccinations too!)
  • GRAZING FORMS – Great resource on our website for Arrival and Departure forms. Grazing-departure-form Grazing-arrival-form
  • DRENCH (+/- anti-coccidia for those that are weaned – Turbo Initial is aneconomical approach for this).
  • TRACE MINERALS for those that are weaned.
  • WEIGH THEM – Where are they at? Do any need to catch up? – a small difference now can be big gap later on…

All the best for the rest of mating.