Recycling at the vets
October 2022

From schools to the farm gate, we are all trying to do our bit towards sustainability - You’ll be pleased to hear that the veterinary pharmaceutical companies are also getting involved, reducing the amount of landfill produced from drug packaging.

Zoetis, Elanco and MSD now have recycling programmes for some of their packaging. We still have a way to go though, as recycling containers containing residual antibiotics is problematic.

In a new initiative, containers listed can be taken to one of our vet clinics or handed to our vets, techs or sales team when they visit your farm.

We also have a Royal Canin recycling box for their dog and cat bags in the retail area, anyone can drop them including non-clients.

We also have an AgRecovery depot at our Otorohanga clinic. Containers up to 20L with the AgRecovery logo and triple rinsed with lid off can be left at the clinic.

Participation in a product stewardship scheme for on-farm plastics and agrichemicals also helps Fonterra suppliers meet environmental achievement criteria for the co-operative difference programme.

What can be recycled? 

  • Zoetis Livestock Vaccine packs
  • MSD Vaccine Vaxipaks
  • Elanco Metabolic bags and Calprobolus tubes 
  • TeatSeal buckets and tubes.
  • TeatSeal teat wipe canisters