August 2023

After what can be described as a difficult season, by adding Rumenox to your management tool box it will help your Dairy cows perform better.

Rumenox is a rumen modifier that contains the active ingredient monensin. Rumenox provides more energy to dairy cows by adjusting bacteria populations in the rumen. This extra energy is utilised to increase cow performance and reduce metabolic disease.

More Cows In Calf

The extra energy that Rumenox provides can lead to improved reproductive performance through improved cow condition and reduced ketosis. A range of controlled studies show the effect of Rumenox on cow health.

Recent Dairy NZ studies show 75% of New Zealand dairy herds tested are affected by sub-clinical ketosis. This disease has now been strongly linked to increased endometritis and a staggering 7% reduction in six week in-calf rates.

Rumenox significantly reduces ketosis. Studies consistently show a 40% reduction in the disease.

For optimum results, Rumenox should be introduced pre-calving, or if not practical, it should be added to feed as soon as the dairy herd returns to the milking platform in early spring.

Milk Protein Production

Rumenox increases the amount of propionate produced in a cow’s rumen, which leads to increased milk protein production. There is significant evidence in NZ and Australian pasture based systems of this effect. In 17 NZ/Australia pasture studies, treated cows produced an average of 40g more milk protein per cow/day.

Pasture Bloat

Rumenox is an effective bloat control strategy. It creates a fermentation shift in the rumen which leads to a reduction in methane gas production, this gas is one of the key contributors to bloat.

Rumenox has a lasting effect of 24-48 hours, unlike conventional bloat detergents which are shorter lived in the rumen.

This duration of activity is particularly important when relying on water medication for bloat control e.g. dosatron. Cows don’t always drink regularly, in fact, they drink very little on wet days. When treating with conventional bloat detergents, cows are vulnerable to a bloat challenge when drinking is restricted, due to their shorter duration of activity.

For this reason years of observational evidence strongly suggests that Rumenox outperforms conventional bloat detergents.

Cow Condition

When it comes to improving body condition score, feeding is at the top of the list. There are very few other tools available that can contribute to achieving body condition score targets.

Introducing your cows to rumen modifiers such as Rumenox allows them to digest their feed more efficiently. It does this by producing more energy in the rumen from the feed consumed. Individual cows then determine where this energy is partitioned depending on their requirements at the time. There is significant evidence in NZ pasture-based systems showing a cow condition response.