Strong healthy calves - the foundation of your herd.
June 2024

Ensuring your calves get a great start requires focusing on boosting calf immunity through colostrum management by providing the right amount of high quality colostrum at the right time.  This goes hand in hand with reducing the challenge of disease through good husbandry, hygiene, facilities and nutrition.

An additional barrier to calf scours can be achieved by vaccinating your cows prior to calving.

Calf scours are one of the most stressful and costly diseases for vets and farmers to deal with. And we know that calves that recover, grow slower and have poorer outcomes than healthy calves.

The primary pathogens associated with calf scours in New Zealand include rotavirus which is recognised as the most common, E.coli, cryptosporidia, coccidia, salmonella and coronavirus.

Cows vaccinated for scours produce high levels of protective antibodies for Rotavirus, E. coli and coronavirus generally from two to twelve weeks after vaccination so cows should be vaccinated about three weeks prior to planned start of calving to protect your calves.

Salmonella is known to cause devastating disease in the Waikato and has been implicated in abortions and severe scour outbreaks in cows and calves. Fortunately, we have a vaccine to reduce the impact of these outbreaks.

Speak to our team to about management and vaccination options to protect your cows and calves this spring.