Turbo Triple Minidose - the newest kid on the block!
May 2024

An oral combination drench of Eprinomectin, Oxfendazole and Levamisole with Selenium and Cobalt.

This new to the market product is only available through veterinary practices and will lead the way in premium quality calf drenches.

Once calves have developed enough immunity to coccidia infection, after treatment with Turbo Initial, then with to Turbo Triple Minidose. Animals remain very susceptible to gastrointestinal parasitism but will still be young enough to treat with an oral drench.

This makes Turbo Triple Minidose the ideal treatment for routine worm control until calves reach a size that makes oral drenching difficult.

Turbo Triple Minidose offers key advantages of being a highly potent endectocide combination but with an improved safety profile when compared to an Abamectin based oral drench. It can be used in calves under 120kg body weight while also having an endectocide potency advantage over Ivermectin based oral combinations.

Eprinomectin is the most potent broad spectrum active – it can kill worms at lower concentrations of active in the animal. So, with the combination of Oxfendazole and Levamisole Turbo Triple Minidose is a major leap forward in triple active oral parasite control.

Key Benefits include:

-         World first Eprinomectin, Levamisole and Oxfendazole oral calf drench

-         More effective at delaying parasite resistance than single or double active products

-         High Safety margin – can be used on calves under120kg

-         Developed for New Zealand conditions by a New Zealand owned company

-         Includes the addition of Cobalt and Selenium

-         Available in 1L, 5L and 20L packs

Turbo Triple Minidose is available at all Vetora clinics.