September 2023

As a pet owners it is our responsibility to keep our pets safe, happy and healthy. Vaccinating your pet is one essential step you can take that will achieve all three of these goals.

Vaccines help develop your pets immune system against various diseases, making them less susceptible to illnesses. Vaccines not only protect your own pet but also reduce the spread of diseases within the pet population. They are particularly important if your pet goes into kennels, visits dog parks, boarding facilities or grooming services.

Vaccinations are ideally started at 6-8 weeks old followed by booster vaccinations given every 3-4 weeks until they’re about 4 months old. If you’re unsure about your pets vaccine history, speak to your veterinarian-we can start them again at any time.

When your pet visits us for their vaccination they will have a thorough health check, this includes

  • Listening to their heart and lungs
  • Dental check
  • Checking their ears/eyes
  • Checking their overall health
  • Discussing nutrition

Once your pet has had their kitten/puppy vaccines they’re often boostered yearly, though this can vary with each patient and can be extended to two yearly. Speaking to your veterinarian will ensure your pet receives the best vaccine schedule for their particular need. Some factors that can influence this may be pets age, health status, lifestyle and risk of exposure to various diseases. As your pet gets older, the yearly health checks are also a great opportunity to check for potential arthritic changes, lumps/bumps and regular monitoring for any other changes in health that comes with getting older.

We love to love your pet too, if you’d like for us to see your pet please contact the clinic.